Hi, It's Dr. Jason Deitch, founder of AmpLIFEied.

Thank you all for the amazing positive feedback you've been sharing with me about your experience using AmpLIFEied. It's been heart-warming to know that thousands of you have been sharing our positive social media messages about the chiropractic lifestyle with millions of people around the world. That's exactly the point.

However, many of you have been asking for even more, more tools to promote more chiropractic and more wellness, more ways to accelerate and track referrals, more ways to make it even easier to get your practice AmpLIFEied by getting more positive testimonials AmpLIFEied on Facebook and Yelp.

Are you:

  • Interested in learning about any negative patient experiences in your practice before you read about them yourself on Facebook, Yelp or other review sites?

  • Interested in getting your positive testimonials AmpLIFEied on Facebook & Yelp?

  • Interested in automating a way to attract new patient referrals from your most satisfied patients only so you don't feel desperate and look cheesy?

  • Curious how to make this as simple as possible? Hint: Your staff can handle it all by simply entering an email address.

If so, welcome to a brand new service I believe you're going to absolutely love:

Step 1. Log-in to our website from any computer or mobile device connected to the internet and enter a client’s email address

Step 2. Client receives an email the following day asking about their experience in your office

Step 3. Client shares their feedback on the email that rates 1-5.

If the client clicks on ratings 1,2 or 3 then they are automatically asked the question:
What could I have done to make your experience better?

Step 4. Negative feedback goes to you so you can fix it. Positive feedback gets AmpLIFEied with the client's social network :)

If the client clicks on ratings 4 or 5 then they are automatically asked the question: Do you know anybody who might be interested in my practice?

If they click on 'No, I don't' then they are asked if they'd be willing to post on Facebook or write a Yelp review.

If they click on 'Yes, I do' then a pre-written editable email opens up
making it simple to click and refer anyone and everyone they know via email.

As well as offering the additional options to Post on Facebook and write a review on Yelp.

Step 5. Track your emails, satisfaction levels and Facebook Posts in one place.